Queens of Crime # 18 – We Answer Your Questions

We Answer Your Questions

Our first Q+A episode! We are going to start releasing more of these so feel free to send us questions for a future episode!
Questions we answer:
-What is the biggest piece of advice you can give to someone to avoid being murdered?
-From all of your experience in this field (conversations you have had, things you have seen and heard) what sticks with you most when you hang up your hat at the end of the day and go home? Do you have a different outlook or insight on life that differs from before you started working in True Crime?
-Why did the Alexis Murphy case did not get much coverage?
-With your knowledge of true crime and backgrounds of research, do you think you can investigate a murder yourselves?
-Do you feel true crime is starting to change the way murders is being investigated by professionals?
-Would any of you ever consider being a detective?

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