010: Hilary Norskog



On this week's episode, we'll take you into one of the darkest and one of the most disturbing cases of a child who kills. 

Please be advised that disturbing content will be discussed and listener caution is advised. 

Special guest: warbabyyy from the Murderous Minors Podcast!


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008: Dr. Howard Appledorf



On this episode of The Pros & Cons Podcast, people say that fast food can be bad for you, little did this professor know it could actually be deadly.

This episode concludes season one of The Pros & Cons Podcast! We want to thank you guys for listening and hanging out with us on social media. We are hard at work on season two where we’ll be changing it up a little bit and doing a mini-series about a man’s life that hangs in the balance. Look for season two to be released in November and please follow us on social media to stay updated on the latest happenings.

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007: Q&A - Accents, Our Favorite Shows at the Moment, and First Jobs



On this episode of The Pros & Cons Podcast, you guys have questions – and lots of them! We’ll try to answer them and give you a better peek behind the world of true crime.

-Why does Bethany hide her accent?
-What do you think of the new DNA testing as it pertains to GSK, Zodiac, etc?
-What was your first job in the entertainment world?
-Favorite true crime shows/documentaries at the moment?
-Who is your dream guest(s) for the podcast?

If you are in the Los Angeles area, we are having a True Crime Meet & Greet with other true crime podcasts! It'll be Saturday, October 6th at Idle Hour in North Hollywood. More info here

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004: Scare LA panel with Trey Borzilleri of Evil Genius and Andrew Bowsers from Bizarre States



Today, we are bringing to you our panel from Scare LA last weekend! We talked about a wide range of topics like the Golden State Killer, the Zodiac Killer, and much more!

Big thanks to Scare LA for having us back for another year, Trey Borzilleri of Evil Genius on Netflix for hanging out with us on stage, Andrew Bowsers from Bizarre States for moderating the panel, and to every one who watched and listened to us talk about true crime!

View the slides from the presentation here

003: Cait Boyce



This week, before Snowden and Manning, Christopher Boyce was American’s youngest and arguably most famous convicted spy. He was condemned to years of imprisonment—often solitary— in some of the nations most violent prisons until a brilliant young paralegal, Cait Boyce, won his freedom and his heart.

Find Cait Boyce online:





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