Queens of Crime # 34 – Emmys and Rufus the Fish

Emmys and Rufus the Fish

We’re back with another Q&A episode!

This week, we answer some of the questions you guys have sent in:

If you could spend the day with another person on a future podcast episode who works in true crime (ie another podcast, tv program, FBI agent ) who would it be and why?

Which cold case would you most like to see solved?

Would you rather win an Emmy for your work on a tv show or have the satisfaction of solving a cold case (of your choosing) on your own?

For each of you involved with this project, what is the creepiest thing you’ve taken away from these stories?

Have you ever been involved in a crime personally?

How is it dealing with families or friends of suspects or convicts who blindly believe their loved one is innocent when they obviously are not? Do they really believe it or are they just trying to be supportive?

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