Queens of Crime # 46 – Dr. Mary Ellen O’Toole

Dr. Mary Ellen O’Toole

On this episode of the Queens of Crime, we’ll introduce you to a world-renowned expert who will take you inside the minds of some of the most notorious criminals of our time.

Special guest: Dr. Mary Ellen O’Toole

  • During her time in the unit, Dr. O’Toole developed an expertise in Criminal Investigative Analysis (CIA) as well as offender behavior.
  • She has provided assistance to law enforcement and prosecutors on a wide range of violent and criminal behavior including serial and single homicides, sexual assaults, kidnappings, product tampering, school shootings, arsons and bombings and extortions.
  • Dr. O’Toole is also a trained FBI hostage negotiator and has a unique expertise in the areas of targeted school violence, workplace violence and threat assessment.
  • Dr. O’Toole is recognized as the FBI’s leading expert in the area of “psychopathy.”
  • Director of the forensic science program at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia

Some of the notable cases Dr. O’Toole has worked on:

-Gary Ridgway, the Green River Killer

-Derrick Todd Lee “The Baton Rouge Serial Killer”

-Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber

-Golden State Killer

-Zodiac killer

-Elizabeth Smart

-Natalee Holloway

-The Collar Bomb Case (Also a brand new a Netflix series called, “Evil Genius”, which was just released)



Dangerous Instincts: Use an FBI Profiler’s Tactics to Avoid Unsafe Situations

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