A podcast may seem daunting but honestly, it’s not.

It may seem like hard work but it’s not.

Really, all you have to do is start talking into a microphone (and make sure you hit the record button before you do).

Nothing else.

Everything else – editing, publishing to Apple Podcasts, promoting, monetization, etc. can come later.

Podcasting is and always has been about expressing your own opinion so you just need to focus on that at the beginning. Find a subject you are passionate about, lineup a few topics, and start talking.

Once you start going, don’t stop because that’s the worse thing you can do.

If you do get discouraged, don’t stop.

Keep pumping out episodes and grow your audience even if it’s only a few new ones a month.

Some people make the mistake of getting discouraged because they aren’t getting the number of downloads they wanted or because they aren’t making money.

While these things are great, it shouldn’t be a priority especially in the first year or two because if you set the bar too high, it’ll prevent you from growing when things aren’t going your way.